DuChâteau® is an encompassing lifestyle brand, specializing in the fine manufacture of luxury architectural finishes from hardwood and vinyl flooring to wall coverings, doors and beyond.

Founded in 2007, DuChâteau quickly rose to the upper echelon of its industry for its unparalleled marriage of old-world traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

Its timeless, yet incredibly personal design statements herald a new era of design innovation – one that seats nature with fashion and architecture.The brand stands a monument to the vision of its founders. The products it makes remain unrivaled. However, DuChâteau believes such showcasing the luxury and beauty of nature should not come at the detriment of nature itself.

DuChâteau Floors feature a variety of textures that highlight the natural contouring of wood as well as the milling process itself. Our current surface treatments include:

  • Smooth with chiseled bevel
  • Smooth with micro-bevel
  • Wire-brush with micro-bevel
  • Wire-brush with chiseled bevel
  • Hand-sculpted with pillowed bevel
  • Pronounced wire-brush
  • Cross-grain sawn with micro-bevel
  • Hand-sculpted with pronounced wire-brush
  • Hand-scraped with wire-brush
  • Hand-scraped with pillowed bevel
  • Split face reclaimed*

*Note: Simulated reclaimed look; not actual reclaimed wood.

What makes DuChâteau Floors so unique is the inherent variation in the wood. Variation refers to the color gradients that naturally occur in wood. Depending on the product, we can produce a floor that has minimal variation in the finish; thus, the floor’s coloring is more uniform from plank to plank. However, we can also produce a floor that has a great deal of variation in the finish, which means that the color moves from light to dark gradients from plank to plank.

As a major proponent of sustainability, DuChâteau is committed to the environment and ensuring its future. DuChâteau wood products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody Standard (FSC®).

Also a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council, all DuChâteau wood products contribute to LEED credits. Today, DuChâteau is appreciated by some of the most well respected brands, including Whole Foods, Saks Fifth Avenue, Trump Properties, Augusta National Golf Club, Ian Schrager hotels, and The Ritz Carlton.

Discover the unique brandness of DuChâteau wood products and how it can make your home or work environment lavish, contact us today!