Leather Floor Tiles

Leather Floor Tiles

Leather Floor tiles has become more popular in recent years and there are several reasons why leather flooring has become a must-have for many home owners (and business owners).

Leather floor tiles do not contain formaldehyde or materials that emit volatile organic chemical compounds which improves our indoor air quality!

Leather floors are also considered “eco-friendly”. Beautiful flooring tiles have been created from recycled materials – and the joining systems for leather flooring tiles are designed for owners to re-use the same flooring tiles several times!

Leather floors are very easy to care for! A simple dust mop or soft bristled vacuum brush will do the trick!

Leather floors are versatile. The tiles / planks come in a variety of colors and styles, making the floor design unique and gives the owner the ability to use in just about any room!


EcoDomo is Unique’s choice of Leather Surfacing and Fabrication. With leathers from hide and recycled and products for floor and plank tiles, leather panels, belt panels, counter tops, doors, and wall systems – they can cover just about all of your house!

EcoDomo LLC develops, manufactures and designs true sustainable luxurious architectural details. EcoDomo was initiated in 2005 in response to the need for high-end ecological and renewable products. The first collection of EcoDomo on the market consisted of recycled leather tiles. We are now experts with leather surfacing—recycled and hide leather applied to a variety of substrates and formats. We have since expanded our lines to include a leather veneer, a collection of interlocking planks, decorative borders, as well, laminated leathers and extensive custom design options.

As a member of the United States Green Building Council since 2005, EcoDomo uses a “triple bottom line” approach to business : a) ourproducts must exceed market expectations, b) significantly contribute to the environment and to the community, and c) generate profits. EcoDomo relies on American artisans to develop custom solutions for the unique needs and projects of our diverse clients within a short time frame.