Bolefloor curved flooring is the world’s first industrial-scale manufactured naturally curved hardwood flooring that follow a tree’s natural growth. Bolefloor takes its name from the old english term bole, the trunk of a tree.

This manufacturer has created the category of curved-length flooring for the market at large. Until now, unique floors like these have been the product of a few dedicated craftsmen.
With Bolefloors curved flooring, all that is changed.

Return to a natural state

It wasn’t nature that created straight floorboards, it was the limitations of technology.

More floors per forest

Bolefloor allows a return to a natural state, floors as nature intended.

Bolefloor’s optimization technology means saving the natural resources. Not only is the surface aesthetically appealing, but Bolefloor’s innovations allows more floors per forest.

Unique in the true meaning of the word

Bolefloor curved flooring meets the true definition of unique – each floorboard is as individual as the tree it came from. No two Bolefloors are alike.

Bolefloor offers a design solution for most any locations: residences, commercial spaces or retail environments. Bolefloors work in any setting where intimate, natural, and individual interiors are desired.

But there’s no law a Bolefloor has to be a floor — the technology has been used to create walls and even ceilings. Let your imagination be the limit.

There is a Bolefloor for every situation

Solid flooring is the soul of Bolefloor, but some conditions still require a engineered solution. Bolefloor’s engineered product is designed for more demanding conditions like floors with underfloor heating systems.

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