Artistry Hardwood Flooring

Artistry Hardwood Flooring is a division of Catalina Home. Catalina was originally founded in 1975 as a high-end nylon carpet manufacturer under the name Catalina Carpet Mills.  As the demand for high-end hard surface flooring began to increase, the decision to enter this market came in 1994.

Today we are still owned and operated by the original founders; however we have added hardwood flooring, turf, and rugs to our portfolio of product offerings. All Catalina Home products are developed to complement one another and work cohesively.  Our goal is to offer a complete product line including all major flooring categories with total continuity.  The high-end segment of the market is our niche and it’s also our success.    Floor covering is a very large industry with many choices and a huge selection of products. Whether it’s our carpet, rugs, turf or hardwood, Catalina Home rises above the competition with distinctive California styling backed by a proud history of integrity, quality, and service.

Images that make a statement

Catalina is known throughout the industry for its uncompromising, superior quality products engineered for beauty and performance. Distinctive styling and colors that are continuously updated keep Catalina in concert with today’s design trends. Catalina’s distinctive California styling has always offered a unique choice of different and unusual products.

Catalina’s product development often leads to original styling through the creative use of raw materials and manufacturing techniques. From the finest quality yarns and woods, Catalina products are constructed to meet the expectations of the high-end residential marketplace.

Service and Quality

The staff and management of Catalina Home have a full-time commitment to personalized customer service. Strict internal systems provide for quality control to assure customer satisfaction. Every square foot of all Catalina products is subjected to a number of intense inspections before it receives the stamp of approval.

Our Commitment & Vision

While change is continuous in the floor covering industry, Catalina Home is committed to staying on the leading edge of style, quality, and innovation. We recognize the importance of making a good decision when it comes to flooring selection. The right product can bring decades of long lasting beauty and performance. Catalina Home is your source for exclusive, high quality products that lead the nation with West Coast styling. When you purchase a Catalina Home product you can be assured you have purchased the best.