Rehmeyer Wood Floors

Rehmeyer Wood Floors has been manufacturing custom, wide plank hardwood flooring in southern York County, Pennsylvania since 1995.

Rehmeyer Wood Floors started initially by selling to local homeowners, contractors and builders; we’re proud to say now that our floors can be found all throughout the United States and Canada!

Over the years we’ve continued to add new styles to our Custom Collections and also introduced the concept of Extreme Custom floors for those who desire a one-of-a-kind luxury hardwood floor.

Our ultimate goal is to offer every client a superior quality wide-plank hardwood floor that not only adds beauty and warmth to their home, but value as well.

Rehmeyer Finishes

We offer several types of finishes which can be applied to the hardwood flooring for an enhanced appearance.

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Tung Oil

Tung Oil is available as a finish on any Rehmeyer custom hardwood floor. Tung Oil enhances the natural character of the wood and penetrates to provide a deep lasting luster.

Tung Oil is recoatable, and it can be easily recoated whenever needed. Tung Oil’s properties permit it to bond with the previous coat. Only a light scuffing is necessary to remove any scratches left by normal wear.

Tung Oil provides improved repairability for hardwood floors: repairs are easily achieved without having to recoat the entire floor.

Standard Stain Colors

We can add a standard stain color to our Old Trail, Legacy and Authentic Hand Scraped Collection floors. Stain and Accent Color effects vary from species to species.

To learn more about Rehmeyer Flooring Products or any of the other quality brand names we carry to beautify your living space, contact us today with any questions!