Johnson Hardwood Rowlock

Johnson Hardwood Rowlock / Flooring is a U.S. manufacturer based in California making some of the most affordable luxury hardwood flooring while blowing away the competition with their quality, durability and beauty. Mostly known for their exquisite exotic wood species, Johnson Hardwood Flooring also offers an array of domestic wood species to choose from.

Perhaps their most notable collection, the ForeverTuff Collection from Johnson is suitable for both Residential and Commercial settings, offered with a 50 Year and 10 Year Warranty, respectively. The ForeverTuff Collection is also suitable for installation over radiant heating systems.

Johnson Hardwood Flooring is committed to getting you top quality hardwood flooring while at the same time preserving a healthy forest ecosystem. The entire process of creating beautiful Johnson Hardwood Flooring is strictly controlled according to Sustainable Forestry Practices, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. So, you can be assured that from the forest to your home your new Johnson Premium Hardwood Floor has been environmentally conscientious every step of the way.

Johnson Hardwood Rowlock offers a wide variety of wood species, floor constructions, widths and surface textures. Find everything from Oak to Maple to Hickory and more. Take a look through the Johnson collections listed below and you’re sure to find the perfect floor for your home!