Chelsea Plank Flooring

Chelsea Plank Flooring ® is a brand name and registered trademark of a product manufactured by Frame Hardwoods in Chelsea, Michigan.

Chelsea Plank Flooring / Frame Hardwoods has manufactured factory finished ¾” solid hardwood plank flooring continuously longer than any other manufacturer. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Chelsea, Michigan and all of our production is proudly made in the USA.

America’s premier Pre-finished Solid Hardwood Flooring. Proudly “MADE IN THE USA”

We are proud of our decision to utilize American labor, American raw materials and the “Great American Spirit”!

We continuously monitor our product quality and compare continual testing data to our established quality standards.  In addition, we don’t just maintain quality at status quo, we strive to improve quality, efficiency of the process, and maintain consistency.

This attention to quality has earned us a reputation in the industry as a very high quality plank flooring manufacturer well known throughout North America.

Chelsea Plank Flooring is designed and produced to offer an extremely dependable ¾” solid product. From forest to finished product on your floor, we add value that is seldom seen from a flooring manufacturer.

  • Complete moisture content control and inspection.
  • Climate controlled facilities.
  • Long term, well trained and skilled employees.
  • Quality control systems created, implemented and documented by our employees.
  • Fully integrated manufacturing facilities located in one location. No outside contracting of milling, finishing, or packaging.
  • Family owned and operated business offering honest value and total commitment to quality.

Our 3-4-5″ Pattern Plank© and 4-5-6″ Random Plank have become very recognizable floor systems throughout the United States. It is unique in appearance and quality, but at the same time very fast and easy to install.

3-4-5″ Pattern Plank floors produce an incredibly beautiful floor that will provide your customer with a unique floor that will be noticed and complemented on for years and provide you with quality referrals for custom installation.

For more information regarding Plank Flooring or any other manufacturer product we carry, contact us today!