J Mish Wool Carpets

J Mish Mills is widely recognized as the leader in styling, design, and color of wool residential carpet. The heart and soul of the company is design.

An American-based manufacturer with mills in Cartersville, GA, J Mish Mills has built its reputation on high quality and attention to detail. Reflecting a long regional tradition of craftsmanship, J Mish Mills’s products are developed slowly and carefully, from the beginning stage of dyeing the yarn through the intricate tufting process to the final shearing and backing of the carpet.

J Mish Mills’s focus is on producing a product that will make your home a more beautiful and comfortable place to live. To this end, product designers pay close attention to global fashion, fabric and cultural trends in order to make sure that carpet textures and colors feel fresh and up-to-date and work with all the other interior elements.

As a company, J Mish Mills has a culture that is rare to find today. There is genuine warmth between employees. The office staff and manufacturing team know other, professionally and personally. The team is aware of every order. Yet at the same time there is a high level of skill and technology; quality manufacturing is at the center of all activity.

A wool-focused manufacturer, J Mish Mills products are primarily tufted of New Zealand and British wool. Some include high luster accents of nylon sateen yarn; some include blends with recycled fiber. From a styling standpoint, J Mish Mills carpets look and feel like textiles for the floor. Textures range from chunky, homespun constructions to refined needlepoint looks. Surfaces may be simple, such as cut pile, tailored loops and tip-shears; or complex, with multiple levels and mixtures of yarns.

This range of rich textures and sophisticated color can be a jumping off point for creating custom products. At J Mish Mills, we have a passion for collaborating with designers, working in partnership to develop unique products that will express their vision.

J Mish Mills was founded in 2004 as a distributor of fine imported woolen floor covering and quickly became a pre-eminent producer of luxury wool carpet. All phases of manufacturing are now located in the United States, in North Georgia. J Mish Mills has been focused since its inception on the design and production of high style, quality wool carpets and exceptional customer service. A management purchase in recent years has strengthened and furthered this mission with a constant flow of fresh new products and customer-focused programs geared to the residential, commercial and hospitality markets.

J Mish Mills founder, Jack Mishkin, spent his entire professional career in the carpet business, starting out in sales at his father’s company, Hollytex. Mishkin was a founder of Bentley Mills in 1979, which has grown into one of the major design leaders in the contract market. After Bentley was sold, Jack participated in growing the mid-sized mill, Monterey, into a major player in commercial carpet. He brought all of this experience to J Mish Mills, creating a legacy of innovative design and high quality product for this highly regarded company.