Arley Wholesale

Unique Carpet and Flooring Carries a huge selection of Arley Wholesale tile, stone, metal and sundry products.  No matter what look you are going for and the space that you’re updating – Arley has such a grand selection that selecting the final look may be a difficult decision. But… it will be a decision that you will be so very proud of to have in your home or business!

A little about Arley Wholesale:  In 1935 Irving Levy moved to Scranton, PA from Brooklyn, NY and opened a paint store that sold wholesale and retail. Times changed as they always do, and Mr. Levy transitioned the business into paint and linoleum flooring. Mr. Levy took Franklin Arndt as a partner and they created a corporation using both of their names and Arley Wholesale was born.


As time went on they exited the paint business and concentrated on selling linoleum products. Mr. Arndt eventually retired and Mr. Levy ran the corporation through its next cycle with the addition of the Formica brand of countertop laminate. This addition expanded the business model for Arley and necessitated more trusted people in the business.

In the early 1960’s, the second generation of Arley joined the company. Saul Levy and Norman Gevanthor signed on and helped to expand the business into wholesale distribution of carpet throughout most of Pennsylvania and New York. As time went on they realized that the future of their business was to cater to the higher end builder and designer market, so they decided to add ceramic tile to their product offering. Arley brought in Arlene Gevanthor to manage the tile business and run the showroom at its corporate headquarters that it still uses to showcase their unique blend of products to their customers.

The third generation joined the company in the 1990’s as Bruce Gevanthor, Scott Levy and Robert Gevanthor brought their various work experiences to Arley. The business expanded again and Arley brought on many new employees to help such as David Lowe, Jim Carra and Jim Lewis who started as salesmen and now have leading sales roles in the company.

In 1999 Arley exited the carpet business and decided to concentrate on tile and stone. Arley made a conscious decision to be the best Tile, Stone, Glass, Metal and installation product Importer and Wholesale Distributor on the East Coast. Through an aggressive business plan, strong conservative financial backing and a unified team of dedicated employees, Arley has grown to be the #1 source for product for its residential and commercial customers.

We will continue to strive to provide Service, Selection and Stability for the industry and live up to the entrepreneurial vision of Irving Levy by standing behind his mottos:

  1. Be honorable in everything you do.
  2. Live up to your agreements…your word is your bond.
  3. Be loyal to your suppliers and customers, they are the backbone of your business.